GAEL PARFAITE is an online strategy consultant with 24 years’ experience in internet marketing and consumer acquisition. He is a pioneer in innovating strategy to engage with consumers online. A strong advocate of the Lean Business Model, consumer adoption is at the center of all of his ventures.

Born in Paris in 1969, to a French software pioneer who developed corporate accounting software in the ’70s, GAEL PARFAITE grew up in the midst of computer engineers. He had early success as a software developer with the sale of his first database software solution at the age of 16.

In 1994, he had his first experience of surfing the early World Wide Web on Mosaic web browser when he visited a group of hackers in Neuchatel, Switzerland. That was the turning point for him. He understood that the Internet would bring about a revolution that was going to transform all facets of society and business.

In July 1997, he moved to the United Kingdom, leaving his country behind because it was too slow to adopt the new upcoming World Wide Web.

In 1998, he designed his first social network platform for the ROYAL BANK of SCOTLAND. He also created a worldwide training software for the employees of luxury company ALFRED DUNHILL.

GAEL PARFAITE worked with the pre-IPO LASTMINUTE.COM team to create a revolutionary online flight booking interface that became a standard for online travel websites.

By the time the Dotcom revolution happened in 2000, GAEL PARFAITE was already an accomplished Online Strategy Consultant advising FTSE100 corporations such as HSBC, CITI BANK, and MARKS & SPENCER, at board level.

He was recruited by the VIRGIN to develop a B2C online portal for their latest banking venture at the time; VIRGINMONEY.COM. Gael and his team designed and built a multi-functional online platform in 12 weeks, on time for the launch.

In 2001, GAEL PARFAITE founded 360FINANCE, an innovative online lead generation service for the credit and lending industry. Within 5 years, he was generating £26Million per annum in loans and mortgage applications in the UK and US, using pioneering Search Engine Optimisation strategies and online PPC on Overture as well as the recently launched Google Ads services.

GAEL PARFAITE then turned his focus to Social Media, creating online communities reaching almost 500,000 followers on Facebook.

In 2015, he started working with the Swiss watch industry to develop new online models to generate leads and engage High Net worth Individuals using social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Collaborating with Swiss watchmakers, GAEL PARFAITE has managed online marketing in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, and 8 South American countries.

From his London office near Canary Wharf, he has reached millions of people across the world on social media platforms, engaging in countless dialogue with customers, and generating leads for the watch industries.

Always on the lookout for new talents and emerging technologies, in 2017, GAEL PARFAITE worked with young entrepreneurs as an angel investor in the fashion industry and invested in Blockchain technology.

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