How To Increase The Sale Of Your Brand?

To increase sales you need to understand how people buy products.Today shoppers turn to the internet to read reviews and comments before considering buying a product. The amount of research carried out by a consumer is related to the price tag of their intended purchase. If it's costly for them they will take the time to make sure that it's the right product for them.

94% of consumers check online reviews before buying

According to the research from Feefo, before buying products or services online, 9 out of 10 people go online to check for reviews and comments on blogs and forums. This proves the significance of online customer reviews in the minds of consumers.

Research is showing that shoppers are now saying that authentic reviews online have replaced family and friends as the most reliable source of recommendations. As a result, we see that today 66% of consumers are turning FIRST to online reviews when buying a significative product.

Insights into How Online Reviews Affect Purchase Decisions

Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center has been at the forefront of answering questions about how consumers engage with brands and how that engagement shapes customer value since 2011. As part of Spiegel’s ongoing, multi-faceted exploration of consumer engagement, we have spearheaded research into the financial impact of consumer engagement via online reviews.

With nearly 95% of shoppers reading online reviews before making a purchase, reviews have transformed the way consumers make purchase decisions.

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